Malaria in Africa

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The author of the article has defined malaria as overtly dreadful disease. Describing the victims in the introduction had provided a perfect description of how bad the disease had afflicted Africa. The numbers had showed how its people had been dying; were aware of it but still they remain unarmed.


The majority of deaths can be attributed to severe disease.
Though malaria is preventable and treatable, there's no apparent decrease in numbers of dead by malaria in Africa. Not only does malaria result in lost life and lost productivity due to illness and premature death, but it also hampers children's schooling and social development through both absenteeism and permanent neurological damage associated with severe cases. It is a leading cause of death in many developing countries. Most of the victims are young African children. Across the continent, an African child dies every 30 seconds of malaria. As analyzed in the article, this situation leads to a poverty-malaria succession.
A combination of factors makes it difficult for Africa to tame malaria. Malaria thrives in certain global zones because of geography, poverty and existing infected mosquito populations; of which absolutely depicts Africa's current situation. Infection is a constant hazard for the majority of its population and is a constant challenge and resource drain for its government.
Poverty remains at its root and had been so strong that it manage to sustain the cycle. And those borders are widening. Malaria causes a negative cycle, that is, impoverished people without access to prevention methods and health systems are infected at the highest rates. ...
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