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Canadas Health Policy

The Chapter discusses how social structure and healthcare policy correlate. How is the correlation of social structure and health Socioeconomical factors are deterrent of health. There is no question that income levels have direct link to health. For example, social classes of higher income are more likely to report their health as good. Those below the poverty level are more likely to address their health as poor.
How does socioeconomical status affect people psychologically, physically, and emotionally These variables are referred to as stressors. Stressors are interconnected with the bodies physiological results its common knowledge that high levels of emotional issues are heavy influence on common diseases such as respritory illnesses and even worse illnesses. The example given in this chapter done by Kiecolt-Glaser, Malarkey, Cacioppo on page 169 discusses how abusive relationships between married man and women lead to decreased levels of proved decreased levels of health protecting hormones. This decrease was much more promanate with women then with men.
The Social Gradient discussed on page 164 and beyond details into deeper theory into how social class influences health. ...
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Canada's public healthcare policy has become one of the leading public healthcare systems in the world. Canada's current challenge in healthcare is meeting the needs of all citizens. Many factors contribute to the policies that are currently enforced. These factors include income levels, economical status, social position, income distribution, gender, education, and occupation…
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