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Essay example - Power of Religion

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The historic origin of every religion can be fundamentally comprehended as the tendency of human intellect to go beyond what it can grasp in the ground reality…

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There are various elements in the world which are beyond the power human intellect and it is this incapacity which has made him to seek the refuge in religion from time immemorial. Thus, one finds that world religions offer its followers the scope for finding meaning to basic elements that are beyond human intellect. This important role of religions, as commented by Ezra Niesen, includes providing “an explanation for what makes the universe work, some way for people to escape their physical mortality, ways for people to build healthy families and strong communities, and ways for people to make themselves feel satisfied with their lives.” (Niesen). There is obvious role of religions to provide the humans with the capacity to understand the factors which completely beyond the power of their intellect. It is through the working of the hankering in every human being to go beyond what he or she can grasp and it is through the power of the intellect and the will that humans are able to reach things beyond their knowledge. ...
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