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The Young Persons Rail Card

To increase the interactivity on the site, the bloggers will need to prove themselves as the site will be open to popularity voting and other YPRC holders can also blog on the site and topple the current rank holders. Bloggers, who in a given calendar quarter, reach the top of their geographic unit are eligible for a cash prize of 250 along with travel passes for another 250. While viewing blogs will be free, commenting on posted blogs will require site registration and voting or creating own blogs will require that they should be YPRC holders.
Another change that is required from current practices is that purchase of YPRC should be available online. This would have a two fold benefit: firstly, it will trap the 'procrastinator' demographic of 14% who have already made up their mind up to purchase but have been 'waylaid' by circumstances into putting off making the purchase till another time; and secondly, the ease of applying online will enable us to reach a wider audience, especially for those who may find it inconvenient or time consuming to visit their local station ticketing offices.
While initial information and product education will be disseminated through strategically located posters on school, college and university campuses, Internet advertising will primarily drive acquisition. ...
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The Young Persons Rail Card (YPRC) is a rail travel discount card issued by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) to people between the ages of 16 and 25 and full time mature students. This Direct Marketing Plan seeks to enlist approximately 100,000 new YPRC holders while increasing their average number of journeys.
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