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Action, Goals and Benefits

It is our most valued possession. While pursuing an education, we will certainly run into obstacles along the way. However, by having a clear vision of our goals and a well-developed habit of study we can clear any hurdles that are placed in our path. Though the pace of today's world makes an education seem difficult, it can be made easier by following some simple rules.
One of the first things we realize when we begin an education is that there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. It's important to recognize that education is the priority. An awareness of my goals can be the best aide in setting a schedule for my activities (Managing Your Time). It may mean giving up a Sunday football game. I may have to suffer with a couple less hours of sleep now and then. Managing my time will require me to make a schedule that will take priority over most of the other events in my life. Sticking to my schedule will be easier if I concentrate on my goals and my reasons for getting an education. I hope to improve my writing skills in this class and become a better communicator. The ability to write successfully will enhance my professional opportunities as well as give me a sense of personal accomplishment. ...
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Education is more than just what we learn; it is also knowing how to learn it. This task can encompass the scheduling of our time, the goals we wish to achieve, and the method we use to study…
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