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"Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser

Schlosser includes historical analysis of fast food, its development and current state. He describes life and experience of such people as Carl Karcher, Ray Kros and Ronal McDonald. American Fast food promises desirable images and identities through consumption: "the leading American fast food chains and their bestselling menu items have become famous worldwide embedded in out popular culture" (121). Schlosser compares fast food with a commodity, thus fast food influences health and economic conditions of people, their life style and tastes. The author gives a special attention to McDonald's, its history and success issues. Schlosser describes modern consumer (fast food) culture and criticizes its impact on school populations and educational environment. He includes examples of s Coke's promotion event and segregation of a student who wears a Pepsi T-shirt. Also, he addresses such issues as immigrants' labor and poor working conditions which is a part of the meat packing industry. As the most important, Schlosser unveils terrible facts about unsanitary working conditions and rendering of dead animals for fast food industry. The last portion of the book is devoted to globalization and spread of fast food into national cultures. ...
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In the book 'Fast Food Nation", Eric Schlosser proposes unique interpretation of fast food culture and its impact on global consumer culture. The author underlines that fast food becomes a powerful force which changes political and cultural relations between nations and states…
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