Beautiful People are More Intelligent

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Beautiful people usually get the main attraction whether they do it intentionally or not. Individuals are always positively drawn to beautiful things. Although an abstract term, beauty can be defined by taking into consideration the different positions and points of view. Generally, beauty refers to something that is pleasing to the eyes and that which gives a feeling of relief and satisfaction.


Beautiful people are not really more intelligent than the plain looking ones. Since not all beautiful people are smart and not all smart people are beautiful, then the assertion is weak. There are a number of intelligent people who are not good-looking, thus this statement for some is a myth. To prove that it is purely myth that beautiful people are more intelligent, it would be wise to look at real situations of people who are not beautiful and yet smart. Two famous and remarkable individuals come to mind when talking about geniuses. They are Albert Einstein and Emily Dickinson. The former is a well-known scientist who has brought the world great benefit through his inventions. If not for him, no one would know what e=mc² is. The latter is much loved and read for her soulful poems and literary lines. Who would not be touched by the lines of Emily Dickinson?
On the other hand, studies have been conducted that attest to the statement that beautiful people are more intelligent. For instance, Satoshi Kanazawa and Jody L. Kovar of the London School of Economics assert that “beautiful people also tend to be smart people—and vice versa.
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