The Pluses and Minuses of Online Shopping

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More and more businesses are making their products and services available online. Merchandising concerns ranging from airline bookings, stock trading, PC firms, bookstores and purchasing goods and services are being transferred to the Internet. Marketing activities that involve making phone calls, sending promotional mail, ordering goods and services are all going online.


(Kenney, M. & Curry, J., 1999)
But although this newfangled idea has gone this far, research on the subject of e-commerce and Internet marketing remains largely confined to the difficulties encountered by companies going online, including its advantages and disadvantages to them. An important aspect of the phenomenon yet to be fully explored is the sentiment and attitude of consumers toward online shopping. As attempts get underway to create the ultimate e-mall, the question may be asked: Are the consumers willing and ready to accept and patronize such a store in place of the shopping mall
This research project will thus give a fresh look at Internet marketing from the perspectives of the consumers. It will seek to identify the advantages and disadvantages the consumers derive from online shopping, with the end in view of determining whether the marketing process helps promote consumer welfare and interests at all, the way the traditional stores do so.
9) In going to the regular stores, one has to contend with the traffic and pollution, spend for the thrift and search for a parking space that is often not there. Do these count as arguments for buying online instead
Corporations, both established and new, are turning to the Internet to create new markets and reorganize existing ...
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