Write an essay describing how you would articulate Wesley's "Scripture Way of Salvation"for the twentyfirst century.

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In this current era, it is irrefutable that people have little or no understanding about what Wesleyan Way of Salvation. With the wide apostasy in the church, it is imperative to study salvation in the light of God's word-the Bible. In order for an individual to fully understand it, he must first be informed and comprehend why he needs to saved.


But God, with His great love and mercy for humanity gave His only begotten son Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross as sacrifice for the redemption of all sinners. The death of Jesus Christ allows man to come before God that he might have salvation. This will eventually lead to the discussion of how an individual can be saved and thus, the Wesleyan Way of Salvation.
In order to understand this gift from God, it becomes necessary to define what salvation is. According to Wesley, salvation has two components: first, it refers to justification or forgiveness of sins; and sanctification, which refers to perfection or living a life without the presence of sin (The Scripture Way of Salvation 7-9). Furthermore, salvation is a grace from God which emphasizes that this is an unmerited favor which no man really deserves.
John Wesley emphasizes that faith is imperative in attaining salvation. An individual seeking salvation must have the assurance that God loves Him and gives Himself for his redemption. It should also be highlighted that faith is the sole condition of being justified: "None is justified but he that believes; without faith no man is justified" (The Scripture Way of Salvation 14). In fact, when a man believes, he is immediately forgiven by God. The necessity of repentance also goes hand in hand with faith in the attainment of salvation. ...
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