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I also believe in the importance of family life. One needs a family to survive the daily contradictions that life throws at you.
I keep on living this kind of life because I have a supportive, understanding and caring family. I am able to pursue my dreams by studying. I have a reliable set of friends. I have professors who are serious about my welfare. I have a whole new world which awaits my talent and serious work.
It matters a lot if the world does not exist and everything becomes an illusion. It will be a very difficult place to live in a zone which has no reality to speak of. Living things and non-living things both constitute reality. The individual lives of man take on a reality in itself. Even self-doubt is a reality for most people.
The movie "The Game" (1997) is related to Descartes problem in the sense that it tackled Von Horton's self-knowledge and self-realization. The movie is a claustrophobic thriller which features the addiction of Von Horton to the Consumer Recreation Services (CRS), a form of entertainment, given to him by his brother Conrad. Von Horton uses the CRS and it leads him to experience bad and weird things.
Von Horton gained from his ignorance and confusion the insight that man can seek himself. ...
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I expect to gain from this Philosophy class the ability to think clearly and to reason well. I think that the formulation of appropriate premises is important in philosophy. I also want to learn more things about logic and its application to daily usage. I want to know how to analyze arguments and to know how to present counter-arguments well.
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