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Different Cultures

Maya were never ambitious empire builders, but peaceful people who lived in harmony with nature.
Roma are nomads originally lived in North West India, migrated to Persia, Middle East, and then to Constantinople to end in Western Europe and tiny population to US and Canada the last caused by World War II and Communism. Domari, Lomarvren and Romani like clans belong to this origin. This tribe was persecuted by Christians, Germans, were killed as witches, sometimes with legal and royal sanctions, were enslaved in Europe and if ever there was a population which was relentlessly hunted, tortured, systematically exterminated, they were the unfortunate Roma. Hitler went for 'getting rid of Gypsy plague' and Roma were part of holocaust and survivors did not get any support from Allies. They were the common targets of all, and should be appreciated for managing to survive, despite the murderous setbacks. They are still targeted by groups of insanity and governments have not done enough for them in any country.
Maya's royalties cemented the kinship and the divine lineage by marrying ruling class members of other cities. Roma married young; courtships were allowed to some extent, but not more. ...
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Living in their jungle-choked stone cities, Chiapas Maya in Mexico created a powerful civilization that could be seen from murals and ruins in the rain forest today. Maya, neither a lost society nor a lost culture, was the largest homogenous group of Indians to north of Peru, existed between 1500 BC and 900 AD, appreciated as the most brilliant of them all, mostly lived close to cenotes and cultivated cash crops…
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