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Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in children - Essay Example

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Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in children

In fact, the diagnosis of this rare disease depends on accurate identification of symptoms. One tool that can be used to diagnose the disease is the 'diagnostic questionnaire' which can help the medical specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Also, spending time being obsessed with cars, sex and football may be compelling ( or compulsive ) but these pleasurable interests are not considered as clinically termed obsessive compulsive behavior. Further, many patients with the this disease even suffer from more mundane compulsions. And, other symptoms of the disease include repeated and stereotyped checking, counting, ordering or even cleaning. Oftentimes, the disease could generate obsessive thoughts that are sometimes
Unhappily though, Obsessive Compulsive disorder sufferers(Beck, 15) carry out compulsive rituals to such abnormal extremes that they interfere with normal living. For example, it is a normal behavior to double-check if the gas fire has been turned off, and the front door locked, before you go to bed. On the contrary, We can psychologically classify a person to be abnormal if he or she washes his or her hands 20 or 30 times a day in a seriously rigid routine. In the same token, it's also abnormal normal to repetitively clean the house so thoroughly for more than an hour because this abnormal action will wear away or literally remove the wallpaper. Additionally, an obsessive repulsive disorder patient may feel he or she MUST meticulously set the table for Christmas dinner even though it is still in late September.

Furthermore, there are many features of obsessive compulsive disorder. One of which is that the patient experiences unpleasantly repetitive thoughts, images, or impulses coming from the patient's own mind. Normal persons would characterize these thoughts as a silly or, to put it bluntly, symptoms of abnormality. In most attacks, the patient unsuccessfully resists the thoughts and performance of the abnormal acts. A person with obsessive-compulsive disorder has either obsessions, or compulsions or, in worse cases, both(Carr, 1). The obsessions and/or compulsions of this disorder are strong enough factors to cause a significant distress in their employment, schoolwork, or personal and social relationships. It also includes anankastic neurosis, obsessional neurosis and obsessive-compulsive neurosis.

I also agree that the patient who has these obsessions(Skinner, 364) does have recurring, persisting thoughts, impulses or images that inappropriately intrude into the person's normal daily routines thereby causing marked distress or anxiety. In fact, these abnormal ideas or thoughts are more than just excessive worries about ordinary problems.
In most cases, the person suffering from the disease tries to ignore or suppress these unwelcome thought or to neutralize them by either thoughts or behaviors.
I agree that the person who has compulsion has the feeling that he or she feels the need to repeat physical behaviors such as checking the stove to be sure it is off, hand washing) or mental behaviors such as counting things, silently repeating words. And, the obsessive compulsive disorder behaviors occur as a response to an obsession or in ...Show more


Dr. Michael Smith(Beck, 15), in his article Obsessive-compulsive disorder stated that worries, doubts and superstitious rituals are normal parts of life. Nevertheless, adults and children with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are being controlled by these same fears…
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Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in children essay example
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