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Essay example - Groupism in Design

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Breakthroughs in history are owed to the designers who possess unlimited creativity and are not afraid to stand with their ideas. They are the few people who are in constant search for new ways on how to make things better. In cell phone's technology, the designs evolved from two pounds brick to 52.7 grams (Philips X100), from 30 minutes talk to 18 hour talk time (Sonim XP3.20 Quest), and from 8 hours stand-by time to 3600h (Philips Xenium X500) …

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A group is needed to complement the weakness and bring out the best in every individual. In business, groupism serves as an audience to the prospected market of the product. However, controversies regarding groupism are discussed and debate everywhere. Some designers claimed that groupism would box their ideas into the norms of the group and hinders their creativity. Some studies also pointed out that groupism in universities creates misunderstandings and rivalry to the outside group of students. In family, groupism could result in degree of animosity with those who are outside the family.
Designers are people who have extreme ideas. They are not afraid to take risks and be different. They are individuals with strong personality. Introducing them into a group will be of great challenge; for them, it seems like being enclosed into a cage or box. For them, their ideas will be controlled and will not be heard according to their wants and preferences. As stated earlier, the group is needed to minimize the weaknesses and brings out the best in every individual, but how come that even the strengths will be suppressed This risk could be reduced through organization's proper recruitment and management. ...
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