To what extent does disparity exist with the legalization of the birth control movement in regards to poor and minority women in the United States

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Birth control has been a major issue since its introduction in the United States. It arose out of socialist, feminist, and other groups concerned with women's rights and sexual freedom. It was after 1920 that the birth control movement became gradually transformed into a respectable, non radical reform cause, but with women's rights secondary only to the overriding concern with medical health and population control.


But both prevented the spread of birth control by changing from a popular, participatory cause to a professional operation (Gordon, 1975).
The most prominent activist is Margaret Sanger. She is known the founder of the birth-control movement in the United States was Margaret Sanger. She has witnessed the results of uncontrolled fertility, self-induced abortions, and high rates of infant and maternal mortality. Her experiences as a nurse and midwife led her to focus all her energy on the single cause of reproductive autonomy for women. She was convinced that there is a need for extensive information on contraception. She established information and advice centers that help women in safe, effective and female controlled contraceptive. She founded the American Birth Control League which later became Planned Parenthood Federation of America. ...
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