A Career in Ice Sculpting

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When we see an ice sculpture glistening in the light we are mesmerized by the intricate designs that have the look of solid crystal.The beautiful piece of art is appreciated for its stunning form as it slowly melts away into the pool of water


When the ice has melted and the sculpture gone, little thought is given to the artist that was at the core of its creation. Yet, someone took the initiative to learn this craft, to practice the trade, and apply their knowledge to generate an additional outlet for their artistry and an additional source of income. We are in awe as we wonder; how did they learn the art of ice sculpting and how do they apply it in the culinary trade For those people fortunate enough to know how to skillfully carve blocks of ice, life has been a series of instruction, catering events, and ice sculpting competitions.Learning the fine art of ice sculpting is done through advanced culinary training academies or professional associations that offer classes and seminars. The Academy of Ice Carving and Design offers classes that feature skill levels that start at basic sculpting for caterers to advanced classes in "sculpture skills; computer enhanced custom design; closed-cell ice engraving; multiple block fusing; [and] high-tech special effects" as well as safety and marketing (Ice Carving Training Certification Programs). The Art on Food culinary school, in Lucerne Switzerland, offers classes in ice sculpting, which are two days in length for both beginning and advanced courses (Ice carving classes). Students are taught the proper handling of ice and the basic tools of the trade ...
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