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American History

Hence, the initial prejudices and biases against the Africans, which eventually crystallized into slavery had their origins in the natural human tendency to doubt and undermine anything that is different. Going by these early misgivings against the Blacks, the eventual formalization of racism became relatively easier.
Slave trading was a commerce that was carried out in a ruthless and inhuman way. Therefore, it was imperative for the slave dealers to dehumanize the slaves to counter any possible legal or intellectual objections and opposition to their trade. Hence, in a very systematic and concerted way, the concept of racism was stoked and bolstered over the years to institutionalize and validate slave trading.
A 2: In a way, Revolution happened to be a direct outcome of the Enlightenment and Great Awakening. ...
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A1: An in-depth analysis of the abominable institution of slavery establishes beyond doubt that racism happened to be a natural and pragmatic precursor to a formal recognition of the institution of slavery. Though the Western proponents of slavery conclusively attributed their origins to a superior civilization, it became imperative for them to come out with a plausible and valid justification of slavery…
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