Audit Report: Hand Washing In A Hospital Ward Setting

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Infections contracted in hospitals are an everyday occurrence. Due to the intensive media coverage it has received in the past few years, one of the most well known forms of infection is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA…


Hand washing is the single most important procedure for preventing the contraction and spread of infections in hospitals. The culture of hand washing, however, needs to be reinforced in staff and visitors so it becomes second nature. These groups of individuals do not wash their hands as often as they should. As a consequence, hospital-acquired infection rates are unacceptably high causing an intolerable amount of unnecessary deaths worldwide every year. Research has shown that infection rates can be lowered when the hand hygiene practices especially of the staff but also of those visiting are improved. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that adequate and easy-to-use facilities are provided and that staff and visitors trained and encouraged to wash their hands efficiently and frequently since unwashed hands spread germs!. ...
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