Software engineering

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According to Webster's New World Dictionary engineer is defined as arrangement or management skills by artful contrivance and engineering is termed as making use of sciences such as physics, chemistry, etc., to help mankind. The application of engineering to the design, research, analyzes and development of software technology is called as software engineering.


Development of programming languages was at the initial stages and much work has to be in field of software technology.
The hardware equipment used in programming were huge and weighed in tons. To operate one computer more than 10 persons were required. The space required for it was just like an auditorium. The expenses on maintenance were sky high. It was very time consuming effort for even to do simple mathematic calculations.
Research on development of software technologies was given more importance and works on these issues were employed. Many companies realized the importance of development of software technology and many research institutes were developed accordingly.
After the development of some programming languages like FORTRAN the importance of programming concepts were realized and companies like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, etc., invested heavily on the development of these technologies. The problems faced by these companies were:
Development Time problem: In the development of large systems sometimes technology goes through a generation change from the time it was first conceptualized to the tie of delivery. Sometimes systems have to be reprogrammed completely.
System User Interface problem: At the time of initial designing of the technology many associated operational procedures were neglected. ...
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