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Essay example - Comparitive between Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands

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Science is more often than not deployed for destruction. Mary Shelley in her book Frankenstein had shown how a scientific creation in the form of a monster could bring about destruction on the creator's near and dear ones. This Frankenstein model has been used in other works of fiction much later…

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This caused a social detachment in her life, especially during the first phase of her life. This sense of detachment from the society became prominent in her novel Frankenstein. (BookRags, 2000-2006) The protagonist of this novel appears like a person who is not accepted by the society to which he belongs. 'Abnormality' is the bleak mark that is thrown upon him by the society. This is where Frankenstein resembles Edwards Scissorhands. Both the characters suffer hatred of the society as they are not like the other members of the community and thereby taken as abnormal, while abnormality is something that is displayed by the so-called human characters present surrounding them.
The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century England had ridden society of the tradition, which was a product of Romanticism. A feeling of anguish in response to the Industrial Revolution and a yearning to go back to the past had characterized many poems and novels during this time. The attack on mankind and nature brought in by the Revolution impacted Mary Shelley's work to a great extent. Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, was a symbol of this resistance against the Industrial Revolution, which altered the structure of society that was the very base of the romantic ideals of humanism, emotion, individualism and nature. ...
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