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Book Report/Review example - Turnitin an Antiplagrism Tool

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High school
Book Report/Review
Pages 1 (251 words)
The author tells about the Turnitin an antiplagrism tool being widely used. Some people are in favor of using it and some are not. Comments by different students are given. Rich Sherry says it is good that it defends the students' intellectual property rights and does not allow others to steal it…

Extract of sample

Question arises if Turnitin makes profit on expance of students One says it is laziness on the instructor's behalf to use Turnitin. It is a way of evaluating the work of students, which seems to be logical.
Some students feel uncomfortable with the use of Turnitin because they think it is not a big issue to hide the work of instructors and they are willing that their teachers may compare their works with others to evaluate.
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