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Self Concept

It helps the child in building a good relation with his family and fellows around.
So it could be said that it is a mental understanding or the knowledge of one's own existence and personality. Few physical and social attributes affect the personality of a person along with the social attributes. These attributes affect the attitude, habits and thinking of a person.
During a lifetime, as a child the self-concepts are not so visible and they can get change as well with the passage of time. But as he grows older the self-concept becomes more incorporated and his psychology and social life becomes clearer and he can be judged better on the base of his attitude and habits and more psychological attributes.
The self-concept of a person can be influenced by the sense of identity and other features, which affect the self-concept of a person, are the opinions that are being shared by the other people around, that what they think actually about us. The other things, which affect the self-concept, is the comparisons and similarities which are there between us and the other people around us. How much are we similar to them or how much are we different from them.
Gergen (1965) showed in his study that the self-concept is affected by the ...
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Self-concept is different from self-consciousness and it is a mental or abstract understanding and continual consideration that conscious being hold for their own existence. It is when a person has complete knowledge about him or herself. The knowledge includes the one's values and attitude regarding the personality traits, the characteristics of the personality, the abilities of the person, his or morals, objectives and responsibility and function in the life.
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