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Essay example - tourism system

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Tourism holds an all important place in any countries development both internally and economically. Tourism also ranks among the top trades on the international scale. Tourism is held of high importance by any nation. Tourism is directly proportional to the number of beautiful scenes and the number of monuments and historic monuments (Nadkarni, 2003)…

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A large amount national income comes from the tourism industry. Such vast amounts of information and data have to be stored and processed and should be distributed to the customers as efficiently as possible. Information technology plays a very important role in the tourism industry because through the use of information technology, several devices can be implemented which are used to store large amounts of information. Tourism industry was never a very renowned industry and people were not very interested in tourism industry. IT was only recently due to the technical advancements in technology. The advancements in Information Technology resulted in both the quantitative and the qualitative aspects of the economy of a nation and also advancements in the tourism department consequently fueling and sustaining an impressive growth rate over the years (Franke, 2003). This brings into focus the role of IT in tourism education geared at nurturing the necessary skills in potential managers in the industry to make the industry influential and effective. The benefits of implementing Information Technology in tourism industry can only be observed through the development in the tourism industry all over the world.
Information Technology when applied to tourism industry, it takes the level of the tourism industry to a whole new level where touris ...
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