Human Sexuality

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Human sexuality is something that many researchers have sought to debate and research over the centuries. While some may have found the issue a promising area for discovering, others would treat it as being no more than taboo. From a primal consideration, the human beings desire to engage in sexual activity, is linked with the innate desire for procreation and increasing the species.


Whether it would be positive or negative, the power of research and its importance, are undeniable and relevant.
For any researcher(s), it becomes the question first and foremost, as to what any long term impact the individual(s) work, would have had on the ability for greater understanding. Articles and research papers are often times written by those who seek to research issues and then wish to deliver what they find to the rest of the world. Others may also wish to produce articles themselves, only this time, on assessing the impact of the work of others, such as the case would be with John Bancroft. In his work 'Alfred C. Kinsey and the Politics of Sex Research', Bancroft looks to the work done by Kinsey and the response of others to the research itself.
With that being said, in regards to Kinsey, "It was evident from his own research, and has been confirmed in various ways since, that major changes in sexual behavior had been underway through much of the first half of the 20th century," (Bancroft, p.2). This statement in itself, would give credence to the validity of Kinsey's work and show the need for greater study and debate. ...
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