The best counsellor is a friend

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It is irrefutable that every individual goes through difficult and challenging circumstances. Being imperfect and vulnerable, people make mistakes and sometimes learn some important things the hard way. In moments like this, an individual often looks for a way out-a helping hand which will help them overcome their fears and anxieties.


Counseling is considered as teamwork between the client and the counselor which helps the client develop and make positive changes in his approach to life. However, counseling is only considered effective if it brought out an expansion of worldview to both client and counselor.
Nowadays, counseling is considered an important profession. Counseling is undertaken by professionals like social workers, psychologists, and even teachers. The knowledge and expertise of these professionals help so much in attaining the ultimate goal of counseling. Their educational background and experiences become important cornerstones which help them develop the proper approach in counseling as well as fully analyse the client's needs. However, this paper argues that still, the best counselor is a friend because a friend has all the important characteristics and attributes that a counselor must have in order to be efficient. A counselor and a client must have a good relationship as rapport has a huge role to play in attaining positive results (Lambert 1992). Friendship binds individuals, cultivate trust and confidence, and welcome the outbursts of strong emotions which usually come with counseling. ...
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