Built environment organisation and Process

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Modern construction is a very complex process and it requires the combination and effective coordination of a number of resources such as money, manpower, material. It involves the use of a number of professional people, each of whom is entrusted a specific responsibility connected with the project.


This dissertation is an attempt in the context of a construction project and takes into consideration the individual capabilities of an architect and a Quantity surveyor in order to determine the most suitable among the two for adopting the role of a lead consultant for a project. The next two sections will outline the work areas and individual areas of specialization of these professionals and the subsequent section will provide a requisite analysis of the two professions with a view to determining the most suitable among them.
The prime tasks of an architect are to implement the plan and design of a construction project. Additionally, monitoring the progress and the various stages of construction happen to be the other important tasks. The work environment and methods of an architect are aimed at understanding the needs of the resident at all levels and to the slightest detail. This is due to the fact that designing the elevation and the interior details as well as estimating the dimensions of every entity within the construction project are the sole responsibilities of the architect.
The importance of an architect within the purview of a construction project arises from the single fact that he/she must possess the ability to be able to visualize all requirements and needs of the customers in absolute totality as there is virtually no room for any adjustments or modification ...
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