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Essay example - Academic Performance in Nursing Students

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The paper deals with the critique academic performance in nursing students influence of part-time employment, age and ethnicity. It also includes the critique of academic performance in nursing students and other aspects covered in papers introduction…

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The more experienced person become good in critiquing and the more person know about the research, the more detailed he/she will do his/her analysis.
When a person starting critiquing, he/she will simply need some basic guidelines to follow and to make their data collection successful and effective. Ethnicity and age are two variables that are known to be quite considerable predictors of academic achievement among nursing students. The restricted particular area in nursing shortage has increased that push to diversify, resulting in more mature-age students and students from diverse ethnic and cultural groups in nursing programmes.
There is increasing pressure for nursing students to participate in part-time employment undertaking higher education and this may affect their academic performance. Difference in culture, age, language and ethnicity will influence on person’s personality and while performing this study or data collection that may be difficult to deal for the instructors to deal with all kind of people. The underlying objective of this study was to construct and testify a model that describes some of the psychological processes that underlie nursing students' academic performance. ...
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