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Research Paper Critique (HRM)

Like most of the research agendas of IHRM researchers the writers have tried to tried to present human resource management in the context of organizations and their environment as well as with in the context of changing economic and business conditions.
Before going further it would be useful to briefly discuss what HRM or IHRM is all about and why are its policies a matter of immense academic debate. Human Resource Management is an intensely a strategic initiative for the creation of the best possible work environment for a company's employees and is strongly focused on the personality, skills and development of the company in order to help contribute to the growth culture and thus a bright future of the company.
The aim is to determine the best ways to compensate employees and keep them motivated, and employ measures like rewarding them for regularly exceeding goals and making productive contributions towards company growth. ...
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At the outset it is worth beginning the article critique to begin with a very wise (and humorous) quote from the genius Lewis Carroll in his very famous work "Alice in the Wonderland" to illustrate the difficulty faced by authors of large pieces of work in keeping their work in context and relevant while at the same time being able to estimate their own direction and stance in relation to the research.
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