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ICT in Education

1-2, 2002). They further inform us that "It is the use of computers as communications tools (as well as aids to learning, teaching and assessment) that presents the key educational development" (Bhanot, & Fallows, pp. 1-2, 2002).
ICT is proved to have a subtle impact on sociological environment of the world narrowing down to the personal lives of the common human being (Yuen, Law, & Wong, 2003). With the passage of time, ICT in education is getting more easily in the reach of people due to the gradual price decline (Selwood, & Pilkington, 2005). Emerging as a pervasive marker for the change of people's lives, ICT has now begun to make greater impact: It has come to bear a positive effect on the way schools and other educational institutions were traditionally run before. ...
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Information and communication technology (ICT) is to date regarded as one of the marvels of today's time. It is fast becoming the in-practice of such educational institutions as schools, colleges, universities, and other type of educational institutions. In the beginning of the computer revolution, the term Information Technology (IT) was adopted to refer to computers and the software those computers utilized…
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