E-Learning and Business Training

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The topic for this research proposal is the impact of E-learning on information management in the business-training context. The way people communicate1 using technology has become known as the telecommunication industry, and as technology grows and changes, the industry that relies on information management also grows and changes.


That is, we seek to understand if business training methods and educational directives are supported by e-learning, adaptive to e-learning, and provide the appropriate tools, training and resources to students and business professionals that may use E-learning as a training resource.
The research study expects to reveal opportunities businesses to develop E-learning training strategies. Management theory and E-Learning research are used to understand obstacles and opportunity in reaching training goals. This research proposes to identify significant E-learning technologies and their potential impact, and the values of opportunities that have an impact on the business training process with the conclusion to develop a strategy for business training development2.
Business management often involves stages that overlap between the training and employee growth, as well as knowledge and information management. Business needs traditionally include: cost management, scheduling, equity and debt. When a business hires an employee, that employee must be trained, and very often there are continuous training needs, like annual diversity training or monthly sales training.
The nature of the research proposal is to use input from multiple sources to understand and identify E-learning training management ...
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