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Workplace Ethical Dilemma: Pornography in the workplace

As soon as the door was shut and the mother was out, the student and teacher brought out their books to read together. The student had her geography textbook in hand when the teacher brought out a pornographic magazine out of his briefcase.
As it happens in such cases, the student was uncertain how to react and still wanted him as a teacher (Sawyer, 2001, 10). She refused to say what happened next, but we all heard that she left that particular high school making excuses about it to her parents. She did not complain about her teacher to the authorities. She did not tell us whether he had had sex with her. Had she complained to the authorities in that case, the teacher might have faced a felony because the law recognizes that teachers hold "a position of trust, authority or supervision" over the victims (Gutowski, 2000, 1).
My friend was enrolled in a different high school at that time. She graduated successfully from school and college to enter a top notch garments business. Strangely enough, her manager turned out to be that self same teacher who had sexually harassed her in ninth grade!
The lady decided to stick to her job nevertheless. She tried hard to maintain cordial relations with her manager. One fine day he called on her at the workplace itself. Although he had called on her on many previous occasions, this time he closed the door of her office behind him. ...
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A close friend of mine from Connecticut was in ninth grade when her teacher began calling her up on the phone to ask how she felt in his classroom, having obtained her phone number easily from the students' telephone book annually issued by her high school…
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