Workplace Bullying Research

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The researchers usually employ different techniques for data collection for their studies in the field of social sciences. The study of workplace bullying research being in the nature of a special work needs specific techniques of data collection to arrive at realistic results.


According to the website 'bullying at work' although bullying often lacks a focus, bullies are deeply prejudiced but at the same time sufficiently devious to not reveal their prejudices to the extent that they contravene laws on harassment and discrimination. The workplace bullying is defined as "a person is bullied or harassed when they feel repeatedly subject to negative acts in the workplace, acts against which the victim may find it difficult to defend themselves" Einarsen et al (1994) cited in Lewis et al (2005). The choice of the technique by which data is gathered depends upon the choice of the researcher and the requirements of the research or investigation. Although there is no particular data collection technique which can symbolized as ideal for every situation, there are a variety of data collection techniques that can be considered for being used. Data in social sciences are attained in either formal or informal settings and evolves verbal (oral and written) or non-verbal acts or responses. The combination of the two types of responses results in the four major forms of data collection. These being: observational methods; survey research; secondary data analysis; qualitative research, Punch (2005).
Different methodologies like surveys, field observations, interviews are being used in Social research studies. ...
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