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Law enforcement has to deal with the increasing impact of organized crime. As much as technology is changing the prospects of our world, so has it changed the challenges of dealing with criminal organizations. In recent years, criminal organizations have grown in unprecedented rates developing strategies and channels that is challenging law enforcement not only locally but on international levels (Maitra, 2005)…

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The UNODC further identifies that drug crime organizations are among the most urgent concerns for law enforcement because of their direct effect to society and individuals.
Among these organizations, the organization led by Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez is on the top of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) list of organized crime syndicates. The organization is involved in drug-trafficking and money-laundering and is considered as one of the most dangerous and violent groups at its peak. Based in Colombia, it routes its cocaine operations through Ecuador to Mexico and then distributes to supply New York, Florida and Montreal in Canada.
Organized crime is has rich history in any society. The traditional notions of organized crime are often described by criminal activities by close associations or groups operating in a locality though they may have significant networks in other communities. Gangs, syndicate, crime families have been part of the lore of law enforcement since its inception. However, today's generation of crime organizations have a stricture, network and form that competes with most multinational corporations. Today crime organizations operate on a global scale with no limitation to their interests or involvements (FBI, 2003).
This is not saying that l ...
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