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Since Alf failed to deliver the chain saw to the customer at the mutually agreed time of a Saturday morning and instead delivered it in the afternoon, that too after being reminded over phone, there is a clear case of breach of contract. The customer has all the rights to break the contract without any notice and make another contract with another supplier in the market place.


He should always comply with the deadline. Failure to do so makes all his efforts fruitless. So though he delivered the product it was of no value to the customer as he had run out of time and had made other arrangements.
In the case provided it's not mentioned that the contract between Alf and the customer was written or not. If the contract is written then legal action can be taken against Alf. Since verbally the customer has mentioned that he cannot work other than the stipulated time, he has all rights to take action against Alf. The written agreement between both the parties with a clear mention of the time makes Alf's case weaker. However if the customer does not have a copy of the written agreement between him and Alf then his case becomes weaker. Also if somewhere in the contract if it's mentioned that the shopkeeper is in no way responsible for any delays in delivery then too, the customer can not take any action against Alf. So though verbally Alf and the customer know about their agreement, if the customer has a written document then Alf's action can be proved a legal offence. So for the sake of law it is advisable that Alf does not impose the contract forcefully on the customer.
In the second case the customer was unable to work with an ...
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