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How drugs cause crime - Essay Example

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How drugs cause crime

The most obvious and superficial way to define crime is to say that it is the violation of regulations of society. In advanced societies which have transcribed their rules of conduct into criminal law, crime is a violation of the code. The statement is intended to show that the rules of conduct in society define and make crime. Whether society is dealing with crime in an advanced society having a written criminal code or crime in an unadvanced society having unwritten mores, it is evident that criminal behavior is a violation of the rules of the social order. Every society, through the accumulation of its heritages and culture, possesses a body of social values that are conceived to be important to its welfare. The mores define the rules of conduct so as to protect and preserve these important values (Akers and Sellers 26).

Repeated use of a psychoactive substance or substances, to the extent that the user (referred to as an addict) is periodically or chronically intoxicated, shows a compulsion to take the preferred substance (or substances), has great difficulty in voluntarily ceasing or modifying substance use, and exhibits determination to obtain psychoactive substances by almost any means” ().
Taking into account the psychological theory, it is possible to say that the drug addict as a degenerate and vicious criminal much given to violent crimes and sex orgies. More and more people are coming to understand the nature of opiate drugs and the meaning of addiction. Such pain-killers are the drugs of choice of most persons who are fully addicted in the sense described below (Akers and Sellers 34). ...
More and more people are coming to understand the nature of opiate drugs and the meaning of addiction. Such pain-killers are the drugs of choice of most persons who are fully addicted in the sense described below (Akers and Sellers 34). This is an important point, because the continued use of these opiate-type drugs (to which the term narcotics may also be applied) produces characteristics and behavior quite at odds with stereotyped conceptions of the dope addict. Actually, opiates are depressants, that is, they produce a general lowering of the level of nervous and other bodily activity. The effects of these drugs have been summarized as follows: thus, depressant increase stress and psychopathy which are the direct causes of crime (Messner and Rossenfeld 83).
In fact, the specific effects of opiates, serve to decrease the likelihood of any violent antisocial behavior. Similarly, opiates produce a marked diminishing of the sexual appetite--long-term addiction producing impotence among most male addicts; hence, concern about "dope fiend sex orgies" is quite unfounded. Indeed, perhaps the most striking characteristic of addicts is their general inactivity, on the basis of which they might be considered unproductive or withdrawn but hardly fearsome. It has also been widely believed that opiates produce definite and extreme organic disturbance and deterioration in the users. As an authoritative report recently emphasized, there are no known organic diseases associated with chronic opiate addiction, such as are produced by alcohol addiction, regular cigarette-smoking, and even chronic overeating (Messner and Rossenfeld 86). Although opiate use does produce such ...Show more


Critics state that there is a close link between drug addiction and criminal behavior. Criminologists use different theories to explain causes and affects of drug addiction on deviant behavior and criminal activities. …
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How drugs cause crime essay example
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