Challenges That New Media Poses To the Cinema Industry

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Movie theatres today are perceived to be slumping down and losing its market where as DVD's or home theatre is gaining popularity. With the rising sales of DVD's and the higher cost of movie tickets, entertainment has been a factor in moulding the lifestyle of people.


Modern movie theatres today are perceived as big enclosed buildings with excellent sound effects, comfortable seats, dimmed lights and a big wide screen where the latest international and local movies or films are shown.
Movie theatres compared to the televisions are owned by corporations and visited by the general public while televisions are owned by individuals. The film is actually projected with a movie projector onto a large white screen infront of the auditorium. It is connoted as a "big screen" which contrasts the small screens of television to put a thrill and play with a person's imagination when it comes to movie watching. According to a 24 year old movie watcher, movie theatres add more thrill with the use of a larger than life images and loud sound effects.
Movie theatres are very popular. Long before television was made known in the 1950's, the first movie theatre which is exclusively showing motion pictures was launch in 1896. Non-commercial television is a system of broadcasting that is financed by means other than advertising revenues. (Paul Mareth) Today however, through the evolution of technology, hi-tech gadgets were being invented. Television is not only used to watch TV shows aired by television programmers and cable/satellites. ...
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