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Conceptualizing A Unique Food Source - Essay Example

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The objective of the report is to initiate food product which caters to the audience in situations like people stranded in emergences and for travelers stranded in accidents and
disasters like earth quake, flood, tsunami, hurricane etc…

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Conceptualizing A Unique Food Source

are traveling. Where there is no food to satisfy the hunger of the people. The food supplied may not provide the nutrition they need in that situation. The fallowing paper
will focus on conceptualizing a unique food source which has been consumed by the farmers of India, who stay active in the extreme hot climate and preserve in their work
for long hours. This report may lead to conceptualizing a food product for the above-specified objective which can be economical, easily cooked and can be preserved for long
hours and provide wholesome food with good nutritional value. The target audiences are the governments, non governmental organizations that render services during large
emergences , FMCG food divisions which manufacture and market the food products. The product can be manufactured with minimum investment and can initiate as a small
scale industry in rural areas. Farmers and small investors can start production as millets are available in rural areas of India on an average an small scale industry can produce
50kgs of millet gruel with packing. The only technical equipments in need is packing machine, vessels and gas stove to cook the gruel. ...
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