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Business Presentations - Essay Example

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Part A Effective presentation is one of the most important elements of projects and human interaction at the organizational level. It determines overall success of the project or topic under discussion, and creates a certain image of the speaker. For managers and supervisors, employees and team members, it is crucial to take into account requirements and differences between methods and techniques used in business presentations.

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Business Presentations

Correct timing is also essential and the use of the right language is vital. A well organized speaker who makes good use of the time available can ensure objectives are successfully achieved. Presentation efficiency is impaired if the speakers are poorly organized. In this connection the use of financial or scientific terms is helpful as they form a type of common denominator. Non-verbal interaction with the audience is important because it guides presentation. The choice of words and vocabulary is one type of symbol that possesses emotional and psychological properties. The main challenge in presentation is to persuade the audience sending clear messages and informing about the issue, to persuade people to do something, to develop positive attitudes, and to cause other changes in people's thinking and behavior that will be beneficial to the project (Adair, Thomas 2003).
My personal success in making the presentation is effective time management and selection of appropriate information. I have tried to identify the key tasks and points in a presentation which should be given the greatest amount of time. In the presentations I have tried to present the most important facts and made a recommendation. ...
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