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The film Frankenstein

Finally Frankenstein manages to put life into his imagination. The reborn dead body played by Robert monster was first quite and pleasant but Fritz torments monster and so his criminal brain begins to catapult into a fully criminal behavior. Fed up by the criminal behavior of monster Frankenstein leaves him with his mentor Dr.Waldman. The monster escapes from Dr.Waldman and comes to village to take revenge on Frankenstein. Before escaping monster kills both Fritz and Waldman since Fritz was torturing him with fire and whips and Waldman was about to dissect him to dispose. After escaping from the castle the monster went to Elizabeth's bedroom seeing him she screams and he flees. The manhunt is on for the monster and is found in the mountains. He over powers Frankenstein and ties him to a windmill. The windmill is seta fire and eventually it falls on the monster and he burns to ground. Frankenstein is shown carried.
The movie was really close to what Mary Shelly has written in her novel. The direction was so appropriate that it brought the darker side of the story to the silver screen. Shelly was trying to make it clear in the novel that science should not tamper with life. The movie miserably fails to make shelly's point clear. ...
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Frankenstein was originally a novel written by Mary shelly, which was later made as a movie. The title name Frankenstein (Victor Frankenstein) is a name of a scientist who is obsessed and crazy of creating life in a dead body. He spent many years to acquire dead bodies from grave and also by torturing animals…
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