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Virginia Woolfs Mrs. Dalloway - Essay Example

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Virginia Woolfs Mrs. Dalloway

It also paved way to the mushrooming of slums in the town, which in turn gave arise to the poor living condition. There was a general dissatisfaction of the government among the people. Unemployment and poverty became prevalent in the country. The war has made peoples lives futile. People lived a mechanical life and forgot the good old moral values cherished by their ancestors. There was a lust for fame, position, and money. In addition, in this path of success many lost track of their culture, values, upbringing, and tradition. The literature of that period faithfully reflects the evils of the modern age.
England was a very powerful country in the beginning of the twentieth century. The peaceful reign of Queen Victoria in England came to an abrupt end. The repercussion of 'the Boer Wars'1 in South Africa awakened the social consciousness in the minds of the people. The people who once eulogized the imperialism became skeptical about the whole concept. They were not as proud as their predecessors in whose age, literary works of the writers like Kipling and Tennyson glorified imperialism. There was an urgent need for social reform in the country, because the issues such as child labour and unemployment was shaking the nation. People became rebellious and started questioning anything associated with the tradition, religion, culture, and politics.
The birth of the twentieth century h...
This had a great impact on the writers of that period. This age also gave importance to women and their views. Women took an equal position of that of the men in all the spheres of life. Even literature saw a rise of women writers as never before in the production of the literary works.

The twentieth century also witnessed the dawn of the post-impressionism in painting. The French painters of this time experimented in their works. They deviated from the objective view of the world. These artists started concentrating on the inner minds of the people, in their works.

1Boer Wars (1880-1902) were fought in South Africa regarding the colonized land. It was fought between England, and the Boer republics, founded by the settlers.
Boer Wars, Geocities, 2002

This paved a way for the subjective analysis of the literary works in the hands of the writers.

In everyway, this century was different from that of the Victorian age. The writers of the Victorian age like Dickens, Austen, and Thackeray questioned the Victorian hypocrisy, but generally, they accepted the existing conditions of their society. However, the writers of the twentieth century took the literary world by storm, and literature is never the same again.

There was a rapid growth in all the branches of literature in this century. It saw great literary giants like Eliot, Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Yeats, Beckett, Conrad, Joyce, and Galsworthy in the literary fields. Though there was general output of books in all the genres of literature, fiction became the most sought after genre in literature. This is because, novel provided the scope of contemplating, analysing, and dissecting any issues of that ...Show more


The twentieth century is the age of World Wars. It is an age of modernity. It witnessed enormous reforms in all the fields of life. It is a crucial period in the history of England. A massive change swept over the world especially in the superpowers like England and America…
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Virginia Woolfs Mrs. Dalloway essay example
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