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International People Management

On some of these occasions, I was also able to improve matters.
The "Forming" phase is when the team members first meet, introductions are made and the team members start to get along (or at least try to do so). I saw my contribution here as being strong, because I like to make acquaintances and it is a natural thing for me to make the first contact. The second phase, "Storming", is when the team starts to move towards a defined result. This is where differences of opinion may arise, for example about what result is in fact required or how to get that result. Sometimes personal preferences or even tempers may slow down progress, and the polite behaviour of the first phase ("Forming") may give way to open confrontation. My contribution at the beginning was neither strong, nor weak. I have my own opinions and at times did not agree with other members of the team. However, the experience of working with colleagues and understanding that two people can have different points of view without necessarily being wrong on either side was a good one for me. It prepared me better for the third phase of "Norming". In "Norming", team members have got to know one another and can get down to doing productive work. ...
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While reflecting on how I was involved in a team of students in the International People Management module, two team models seemed to be appropriate to describe how the team worked and in particular how my own strengths and limitations were defined. The models are Bruce Tuckman's model for how team interaction develops, and the Belbin model for the roles of the different team members.
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