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Human Nature upon Global Warming - Essay Example

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For many that have been involved with, or even aware of, the state of global warming upon the planet and its inhabitants, a consistent argument that has been made, revolves around the influence of human behavior upon the health of the Earth. With the increased concern given to the foreseen outcome, the choices made by average human beings, has been placed under a more focused lens for great observation…

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Human Nature upon Global Warming

The inherent nature present for many, to act in a certain way at a specific given point(s) in time. The actions taken, which in turn, enable the opportunity for living longer and also, more prosperous. In terms of the proponents of the existence of global warming, they seek to rely heavily upon the principle that, with these behaviors taken by those who reside on the planet, they have in turn placed the planet on a downward spiral of increased peril as its potential resolution.
To seek the best possible resolution to the consideration of the global warming issue, it would be best to assess the impact of human nature, whatever it would be, upon the continued increase of heating that the earth has seen in recent decades. As for the definition of human nature, it is described as being the, " .. range of human behaviour that is believed to be invariant across long periods of time and across very different cultural contexts. Sometimes debate on this subject is phrased as the quarrel over 'nature versus nurture', but that phrase can be misleading," ("Human nature", p.1). ...
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