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Americas History of Immigration

To begin with, the most notable point in the American Immigration history lies in the creation of its colonial era. The American experience was perceived as a colony where there would be freedom as well as a feeling of mutual bonding. (Parrillo, 2002) This was first demonstrated by the Puritans who built the first English colony at Jamestown, Virginia, in the year 1607. These efforts were replicated by various communities throughout the two century old immigration experience of the United States. Therefore, the turning point was the creation of a model which was to be followed by the variety of people arriving at the American shores, so as create an essentially American way of life. (Gjerde, 1998. Pp 288 to 290 )
Another turning point came in the form of the framing of the US Constitution in the nineteenth century. This helped the diverse American population gain an insight into what was typically American. The Constitution laid special emphasis on freedom, which led to the definition of various unique groups and their ways of living. The Constitution provided the necessary impetus that forced the people to unite on the common grounds of secularism and freedom. ...
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The American immigration terrain has been marked by several trends as well as turning points. These points have been essential in the development of the country as the melting pot of the world. If one were to look at the primary documents in the Gjerde, one will find a clear cut definition of ethnicities in its chapters by Hanley - Lopez…
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