Market Mechanism and Public Service Delivery

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In the last few decades,public administration has witnessed a deep process of reform in order to "make publicly-owned services and enterprises more business - like".For, public administration has increasingly translated into public governance


In other words, it is expected that the public administration become competitive in delivering goods and services. Governments are expected to strategise a country's developmental priorities by providing an efficient, responsive and transparent public administration. Countries have now moved to a mix of market-based or competitive governance and civic-based or partnership governance. This has been brought about by the changing role of the state and the growing businesslike and managerial approach to the operations of Public Administration. A new fragmented and complex world of markets and networks has pushed governments to move from a direct delivery of services to a more general coordination and control of government functions. While, there is substantial scope for increase in delivery of public services through the market mechanism, there are several limitations and impediments too.In a globalised era, public administration, or the delivery of public services considered as universal needs and much needed socio-economic infrastructure to civil society are proving to be a tough and complex task. Since Public Administration includes within its ambit political, economic and social governance, governments across the world are having to function in an environment marked by increased public scrutiny. ...
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