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Essay example - Corporate governance .

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Corporate governance refers to a Set of processes, laws, customs, policies and institutions affecting the way a company is directed, controlled and administered is called Corporate Governance. It can also be defined as a system by which a company is controlled and directed…

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They endorse organization plan, come up with directional policy, appoint supervise and pay senior executives they sure transparency of the firm to its authorities and owners. (McCahery, Moreland, Reinboag, Raaijmakers. 2002, 2)
Corporate governance's high standards, compliance, effective operations and administration are maintained by a trained company secretary who is supposed to be a high ranking professional. It has a set of relationships between the board, company's management and its shareholder. Corporate governance provides a structure by which the goals of the company are set, how they will be implemented and achieved and a monitoring performance system is put in place. The very essential elements of corporate governance are accountability framework and strategic decision making systems. Corporate Governance in UK is based on combination of voluntary codes which have gone through a sequence of amendments over the past they include (McCahery, MoerLand, Reinboag, Raaijmakers. 2002, 176)
Hampel committee: This committee was formed in 1996 so as to review the Cadbury code, if it was implemented, the roles given to executive directors and also review the Greenbury Committee recommendations in their report. Lastly it was to address the role of auditors and shareholders in Corporate Governance.
The Combined Code: This was as a result of the Hampel Committee put together the work of the other committees and also its own in 1998 to c ...
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