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Case Study example - Marketing of Sanyo Aqua Washing Machine in the Nigerian Market

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Case Study
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Sanyo is an international company that specializes in the manufacture of home appliances. The company has branches in various parts of the world including Africa. Sanyo plans on launching a washing machine called Aqua to the Nigerian market. The paper will examine some of the products being offered by Sanyo, its current position within the market, some competitive factors that could be affecting it through the Porter's five forces and relationship marketing affecting this company…

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Michael Porter identified some five forces that should be analyzed and they are enlisted as follows (Porter, 1980)
In terms of competition, Sanyo will have to deal with international companies such as LG and Samsung in order to create value for their money. Most of the problems arise out of the fact that these companies have experience in selecting washing machines. Additionally, some of them also have innovative ideas. In order to counter the effects of these companies, it will be essential for Sanyo to boost their marketing strategies. (Porter, 1980)Additionally, the company will have to employ some of the innovative ideas that have previously worked in other parts of the world. On top of this, it will be essential for the company to understand that customer service is an imperative part of dealing with competition. They need to train their employees to handle these consumers. (Brandenburger and Nalebuff, 1995)
Industries that are susceptible to threat of new entries are those ones that operate in environments that require minimal investments in capital and low cost of leaving the market. ...
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