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ATM Implementation in a Pharmaceutical Company

As a consultant to the organization, it is possible to suggest that there are ways to implement ATM in the company in spite of problems.It seems that this particular organization has very little coordination within its functional departments. Currently, they are working at cross-purposes. Fighting for resources will not have a positive effect either in terms of the end-products of the company or on overall employee morale and will impact adversely on the efficient running of the organization as a whole.An organization has an existing structure and culture which is made up of its current norms and values. An organization can exist at a functional, business, corporate and global level. The existing structure may not be suitable for the implementation of advanced technology due to conflicts arising between the old system and the proposed changes. However, such structures can be redesigned and modified to incorporate changes in management vision and strategies can be adopted to keep the company competitive in a changing marketThe organization’s policies may need to be changed to facilitate implementation of new business strategies such as ATM. The new goals need to be clearly identified and an
approach formulated to enable them to be achieved. In this specific case, the functional level of the organization needs to be modified. ...
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The top management of a pharmaceutical company recognizes the value of innovations in materials technology and knowledge technology.However,they feel that plementing ATM in their organization would not work because functions constantly fight over resources…
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