Organizational Behaviour Case Analysis

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Though, it’s purely a private affair of Tom and it may not be a perfectly fit case for applying the professional approaches and systematic functional behavior at display in full-fledged organizations, but a job well done certainly helps the motive with which it is being undertaken.


Motivation in simplest terms can be defined as a means of providing motives. Motives can act towards making the work, towards doing a job more efficiently or for distorting the work environment. The lack of any positive motivation by the managers often results in an automatic provisioning of negative motivation. Motivation may be defined as the state of an individual’s perspective which represents the strength of his/ her natural inclination to exert efforts towards some particular behavior. How somebody makes use of his/ her efforts towards a goal is determined by the motivating/ de-motivating factors. It is through their behavior that employees give expression to their commitment to work, level of motivation and their attitudes. Maslow has detailed five hierarchies of needs for someone to put in their best foot forward. But in this scenario, the only need that seems to matter the most is the ‘physiological need’. The freelancers are getting paid for the efforts being made at the call centre. As for the other needs, Tom can certainly not promise the part-time workers job for a fixed period or good perks, better working conditions etc. This rules out the safety needs. The Belonging needs play a role when the freelancers are not supposed to develop a sense a belonging with the organization. At best some of the freelancers can work for the sake of friendly relations with Tom. Esteem needs and self-actualization needs come into picture only when the individual foresees a future for himself in the organization or develops a deep rooted affinity for the organization and sets a goal for himself or herself in the organization or amongst the society. At the most the freelancers can set for themselves the goal of spending some quality time with the call-centre, remaining in the good books of Tom and continuing some extra bucks in the evening hours. ...
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