Situational and Contingency Theories

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Globalization has led employers to push for implementation of fewer directives of industrial relations, less standardization of the employment affiliations, and a greater focus on the workplace as the centre of gravity of Leadership.


Leadership of multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary team of professionals under the aspects of Management principals can be defined as the art of creating industrial relations of any kind, between people engaged in the industry, such as relation between employers and employees, relation between individuals entering into commercial contracts, relation between investors and debtors etc, in order to maintain true cooperation of all concerned along with motivating the entire deal into a positive favor.
This becomes evident during emergency or disaster planning in a hospital. It can be observed that leaders, who are efficient otherwise, may falter in these situations. Nevertheless, situations like emergency or disaster planning in a hospital are vital issue and a question of life and death. Thus, it can well be stated that contingency leadership in the context nursing is not always beneficial and it can affect the establishment severely. (Tannenbaum, 1999)

On the other hand, Situational Leadership depends on situational factors. These leaders are able to mold themselves in accordance to the demand of the situation. Efficiency of such Leadership of multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary team of professionals lies in not only making the employees to work, but to make them work willingly, sincerely and consciously, by employing new knowledge, new methods, new designs, new machines and novel techniques of production and by allaying mistrust and antagonism.
. A leader may be expert in dealing with emergency or disaster planning in a hospital but same person may prove inefficient while carrying out the day-to-day operations. Thus, the entire situation may affect the fundamentals of the establishment as a whole. (Yukl, 2000) ...
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