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Zines. Zine World.

Zines covers culture remote the corporate restrictions. They evaluate and criticize other zines, books, comics, newsletters, one-shots, videos, posters, spoken word recordings, or anything else in almost any media on any subject. Their focus is on material that's not available through normal commercial channels, so readers find reviews of hundreds of hand-made magazines, newsletters, and books you won't find anywhere else. Every review includes ordering information, so reacders can get this material direct from its publishers.

Zine World is an example of a zine as well as Punk Zine. In addition to the reviews, Zine World covers news nobody else does: When publishers are brought up on charges for what they've published, when kids are kicked out of school for creating a zine, they try to spread the word, letting our readers know what they can do to help.

In every issue of Zine World, small publishers let each other know which stores and distributors are trustworthy, and which aren't. They run free announcements about upcoming events, and other underground projects worthy of readers' support. They offer free classified ads for DIY or counterculture projects (up to 50 words; limit one free ad per issue). (Bartel, 2004) ...
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Zines are prominent nowadays not because they are mass-produced and used as a means of earning profit but zines are primarily known and supported due to the passion that writers' bring out n their every issue. …
Author : lboehm

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