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Social Identity

Today the communicative society becomes international and the role of foreign languages arises.
The language using allows a speaker not only to express but to create a representation of himself in relation to others with whom he is cooperating. To show a respect is an aspect of the broader relationship between power and language. Power is the degree to which one companion is able to control the behavior of the other. There are many personal characteristics that are potential bases of power in relationships between people they are: physical strength, age, wealth, sex, profession, or institutionalized role in the church, government, or family.. Another important degree of relationship in sociolinguistic cooperation is solidarity. It has reciprocal linguistic forms and creates the relationship of solidarity in the contrast to power. Using non-solidary forms express distance and formality, while solidary forms express intimacy and familiarity. Solidarity can be achieved in cooperation where communicators share some common attribute - for instance, attendance at the same school, work in the same profession, membership in the same family and others. ...
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Language is a great achievement of human beings that make them differ from other creatures on the Earth. It is only a system of sounds, but its power is very strong. It can be explained because language expresses much more that words signify. It expresses the way individuals situate themselves in relationship to others, the way they group themselves, the powers they claim for themselves and the powers they stipulate to others…
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